Arena of Valor Betting – Best AoV Betting Sites, Odds & Betting tips

Arena of Valor Betting – Best AoV Betting Sites, Odds & Betting tips

Arena of Valor betting is on the rise, as an extension to mobile gaming becoming a pop culture phenomenon, especially in China and Southeast Asia. The title has garnered considerable attention in 2021 and is now a mainstay in many betting sites available in the market.

Thanks to Tencent Games’ commitment to merge Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings into one esports ecosystem is garnering a lot of attention for both titles. Shockingly, the roadmap doesn’t just end there for AOV/HOK as the esports-version will be featured at the Arena of Valor World Cup 2022 (AWC 2022). Big plans and even larger expectations for the title, has bookmakers buzzing about all potential esports betting markets.

Now, let’s talk Arena of Valor betting and AOV betting sites.

Best Bonuses for you to bet on Arena of Valor

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Why bet on Arena of Valor?

So, what’s the craze and frenzy all about? After all, many mobile MOBA alternatives are offering a similar genre, namely Wild Rift and Mobile Legends.Well, Arena of Valor does have its defining characteristics, such as the familiar aesthetics from Tencent’s OG MOBA, League of Legends. Furthermore, fans appreciate the user-friendly controls that mobile games don’t always offer. Considering how much an AOV player needs to manoeuvre their thumbs on their smartphone screen, the controls design was well-refined.

Of course, having good game design doesn’t really answer why bet on Arena of Valor, but more why play Arena of Valor. And plenty of players are actively starting to play this title, knowing a sprawling ecosystem is in the making. Naturally, where esports happens, betting happens.

Tencent’s sheer dedication to the game, just to put it in the spotlight. Tencent teased that the AWC 2022 will share a generous prize pool of $8M and have weekly regional leagues to determine the invitees for the event in October 2022. Throughout the year 2022, the packed schedule of pro matches just means more AOV betting slips you can have.

Arena of Valor Betting

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Where to bet on AOV?

Nowadays, Esports bookmakers are relatively abundant in the market, albeit not all offer the best AOV betting experience. After all, if you are going to spend good money on AOV betting, you might as well find the most reliable AOV betting sites.


GGbet gets a thumbs-up in our GGbet review for good reasons. Being one of the early pioneers of Esports betting, GGbet features over 14 games and has kept customers returning for fruitful results. Did we forget to mention that they are quite the people pleaser as they have GGbet bonus for both new and loyal users?


Rivalry is one of the newer Esports bookmakers in our selection. Yet, they are on par with many Esports betting sites out there, earning themselves a recognized spot. During our Rivalry Review check, we highlighted how they seem to know the recipe for a successful betting experience.

Key features include their peerless safety, an easy-to-use Esports catalogue, and of course, Rivalry Bonus for the eager beginners.


LOOT.BET stands out as the best bang for your buck deal available for heavy bettors. The bonus code grants more than 200 euros worth of betting slip value, so this is one deal you want to secure if you are going big.

On a different note, they are particularly good for King of Glory betting too as they feature a wide selection of competitive MOBA titles.

4. Pinnacle

Founded all the way back in 1998, Pinnacle has served esports bettors for a long time. This provider has served more then 10 million esports bets and continues to add various esports to their expansive selection. Check out our Pinnacle review for all the detail.

Arena of Valor Betting Tips

Once you have the urge for AOV betting, consider these factors before making a bet.

1. Choosing the site for Arena of Valor Betting

We shared a fine selection of sites earlier, each with commendable traits. Nevertheless, you would still want to prioritize some features, notably:

  • Betting markets available.
  • Welcome or deposit bonuses.
  • Payment and withdrawal methods.
  • Ease of use and security.
  • Fair betting odds.

2. Find out the best bets

Once you determined the site, it’s time to prepare your AOV betting slip. We advised you to stay informed of the various Arena of Valor tournaments and check which sites offer markets.

Some of the best bets you would ever make come from watching the live matches and have a good overview of reliable teams to bet on. Since it would be too late to get a double-fold return on an already established team, it pays to scout on the Arena of Valor talents in a particular tournament.

3. AOV as a MOBA

A MOBA is a teamwork game, so more often than not, a team of all-stars doesn’t always guarantee success. Instead, it’s usually the team with good synergy and a captain to lead the squad. Most MOBA games have a standardized set of markets and exotics.

You can select winners outright, or in a bo3 scenario guess the correct score or map amount. From the exotics, match kill over/under and duration are pretty standard. You can also expect objective based markets and unique markets specific to this game.

Available Arena of Valor Betting Markets

Besides the common match victory bets, you can always opt for niche betting markets such as:

  • Exact score of the match.
  • First blood.
  • Who did the most damage during the game.
  • Advantages of the cards.

Best AOV tournaments in the game

We can expect more regions to have their respective leagues, which progresses until the AOW 2022 in October 2022. Some upcoming leagues include:

  • GCS Summer 2022: Last GCS series winner was Most Outstanding Player with $66,000
  • AOG Winter 2022: Last AOG series winner was Team Flash with $19,000
  • RPL Winter 2022: Last RPL series winner was Bacon Time with $191,000
  • KPL Summer 2022: Last KPL series winner was Hero JiuJing with $851,000

Alongside are the subsequent regional qualifiers for Asia, South and North Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

Is there a difference between Arena of Valor, King of Glory, Honor of Kings and Strike of Kings?

Arena of Valor has gone through quite a bit of changes since its release. While originally intended as the international release of Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor has become its own separate game.

Why all the name changes? Along with the name, the content of the game has been reskinned in each of these separate titles. It all comes down to copyright and localization. King of Glory originated in China, where it is known as Honor of Kings. Here, it bears quite a close resemblance to League of Legends. To the point that once the game was released outside of China, massive cosmetic changes were needed to avoid copyright disputes. After making so many changes, the games seemed separate enough to warrant separate names.

While King of Glory and Arena of Valor betting are pretty much interchangeable at some betting sites, they are technically separate games. Mechanically though, they function in a similar way despite the cosmetic differences. So in terms of esports, these games can be viewed as one, especially after Tencent pledged to create a single esports ecosystem for both game. King of Glory betting alongside Arena of Valor betting is a great way to spice the game up a bit.

Click here for our full King of Glory betting guide.

Best Teams in the game

The quickest way to identify the reliable teams in Esports betting would be from the recent conclusion of tournaments. Besides the series winners mentioned previously, the runner-up teams aren’t too shabby either.

Even so, the AWC 2021 champion, dtac Talon Esports, is the most formidable of them all in Arena of Valor betting.

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