AI and Chatbots Can Help Organizations Meet Rising Customer Expectations

AI and Chatbots Can Help Organizations Meet Rising Customer Expectations

By Joe Schaefer, Chief Transformation Officer, Strategic Education, Inc.

As the Covid-19 pandemic forces many aspects of our everyday lives online, customer expectations are now at an all-time high. Time has become an even more precious resource for all of us as we juggle work, family, and many other priorities, all from home.

Customers expect you to “value their time, to make engagement easy, and to deliver answers and resolutions in a highly personal manner and in the context of their actions and journeys,” Kate Leggett, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, recently wrote.

Many organizations in sectors including higher education, professional associations, health care, and retail can benefit from using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide better user support. But surprisingly, U.S. companies have been slow to adopt AI technology; only 2.8% use machine learning, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report.

Chatbots powered by AI and machine learning can help meet customer expectations. This technology not only allows organizations to resolve questions and offer quick solutions to common issues, but also learns and adapts to customer preferences so that it can better anticipate customer needs and provide more personalized responses.

One industry that has a lot to gain from this adoption is higher education, which continues to face the challenge of providing personalized service and support for students amid what appears to be a trend of falling retention and enrollment.

I speak from experience. At Strategic Education, Inc.—parent company of Strayer and Capella Universities—our students are older than traditional college students and are often managing f

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