After using Clubhouse for a week, let’s talk about it

After using Clubhouse for a week, let’s talk about it

Clubhouse is the hot new social network and for the past week, I’ve been spending at least a few hours a day on it, so be warned, it is addictive.

If someone you managed to miss the news, Clubhouse is an iPhone only (can be run on an iPad), audio-only platform where people discuss different topics and you can easily jump between these conversations.

If found myself spending the majority of my time in Clubs relating to Tesla, which often helped put a voice to Twitter usernames you’ve interacted with for months or years.

With such success in the conversations relating to Tesla, I went looking for other Clubs and found my way to Investing, Design, Startups, Gaming, AI and of course Clubs about Clubhouse.

In the past week the startup that requires invites to join, has attracted a couple of celebrities including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Alexis Ohanian Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Calicanis and Ev Williams.

What’s good

are found by searching group into topics and you can follow people you know or would like to hear more from.


The amount of amazingly talented people I’ve heard from in the past week is amazing. Not only are these people incredibly knowledgeable, they’re often great communicators and the way they deliver their information is something close to a Ted talk. These have been from across the world and this is easily one of the most magical parts of Clubhouse. Not only do you get to heard from these amazingly talented individuals, but you also get to ask them questions.

Decorum (Community Guidelines)

I was amazed at how civil these rooms where. When I first heard about Clubhouse, I assumed it’d dissolve into chaos as bored teenagers jumped into calls to purposefully ruin them. That never happened. There are certainly people who end up dominate the conversation but that’s either a blessing or a curse depending if you agree with them or not.

Essentially you have to be invited to speak and that means the rooms are moderated. I noticed there is certainly a wide variety of how tightly, or loosely these are controlled. The best rooms I think are managed with a host and I’ve repeatedly seem slick transitions from one host to another as it nears the early hours of the morning for different participants.

While Twitter (and many other) platforms often bring out the worst in people, that hasn’t yet happened on Clubhouse, people are generally nice to each other and keen to hear the opinion of others.

Random discovery

Being in Australia, timezones can mean there’s times through the day where there’s not a lot of conversations happening, so I’ll jump into some random ones (Trending are presented on the home screen).

One of the more unique experiences was listening to one of the top performers on Only Fans, who spoke candidly about the income she makes from the site, the challenges in joining that platform, and genuinely great insights that were all but applauded. It’s those kind of almost accidental conversations you get a seat at the table to, that make Clubhouse something special.

I also discovered a random room titled ‘I’m in labor & having a baby! First clubhouse baby!’, so people are definitely using the platform for all kinds of uses.

This was followed by a Club called ‘Mark Zuckerberg is on clubhouse right now’. I listened to a speaker from Iraq who spoke about his circumstances, like not having access to credit cards. Is this a fact I could have Google’d, sure, but hearing him tell the story, is incredibly engaging.

Upcoming Calendar

After finding some people and Clubs to follow, the home screen offers a Calendar of events, with many Clubs committing to regular time slots to host conversions. You can add these to your Calendar, unfortunately they make you do this one at a time, I’d much prefer to see the ability to subscribe to the calendar feed.

What’s bad

There are definitely times where people talking over each other and that’s definitely difficult to listen to. Thankfully this is a lot r

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