Addressing the Biggest Challenges of Hosting Hybrid Events

Addressing the Biggest Challenges of Hosting Hybrid Events

Addressing the Biggest Challenges of Hosting Hybrid Events

Working at the office wasn’t the only casualty of the pandemic.

Almost as soon as the Covid-19 virus began spreading in early 2020, organizations canceled in-person meetings, town halls, trade shows, and other events and pivoted quickly to virtual events.

But even as vaccinations are increasingly available around the world, virtual events, which have proven to be scalable, safe, and cost-effective, are here to stay. In fact, a hybrid event model, combining the rich experiences of an in-person event with the reach and convenience of a virtual event, is emerging as the new programming standard.

Almost 50% of corporate event attendees consider hybrid events the ideal format for the future, compared to exclusively in-person or virtual-only events, according to Metrigy Research. Businesses are embracing this new reality. In 2021, 64% of businesses say they’re increasing their virtual events, and 58% say they’re planning for a mix of virtual and in-person events.

Virtual events should be just as interactive and engaging as the events hosted in the physical world. But as these worlds begin to blend, many event managers are still juggling a pre-pandemic mix of platforms for webinars, virtual events, and in-person events that can disorient, disengage, and dissatisfy event attendees.

Three Key Challenges of Hybrid Events

The pivot to hybrid events poses three key challenges—complexity, engagement, and personalization—to chief marketing officers and marketing event planners:

  • Managing the increased complexity, cost, and risk associated with integrating different platforms, tools, and technologies
  • Creating engaging, inclusive, and memorable event experiences that are equally rewarding for in-person and remote attendees
  • Giving attendees bespoke experiences specific to their roles and interests before, during, and after events

To address all thre

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